We grow two main varieties of trees, all cut at the last possible minute to ensure maximum freshness to enable you to enjoy your tree in the best possible condition.

Nordmann FirNORDMANN FIR: Excellent Shape tree with good needle retention. Soft glossy deep green foliage. This is a very popular child and pet friendly variety




Nordmann Fir

Norway SpruceNORWAY SPRUCE: This is the traditional Christmas tree with an excellent shape, ideal for decoration with a lovely pine fragrance and short ,sharp green needles. This variety has received a bad press because of needle loss but this is largely due to them being harvested too early. We cut them fresh and if well watered and not put in a hot place they survive well from mid-december as a more economical option.


Fraser FRASER FIR : Very pleasant sweet scent and deep lustrous green needles. It has a beautiful layered appearance with upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. It is narrower than the Nordmann and therefore very suitable where space is more limited. In addition to freshly cut trees we have potgrown trees which have a good root structure and can be planted out in the garden after Christmas


Fraser Fir

POTGROWN BLUE SPRUCE – smaller tabletop 2-3ft, POTTED NORWAY 3-5ft