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New Reindeer at Cotley!

Nov 9, 2019

We have 3 new reindeer who have joined the herd at Cotley!

We have some very exciting news that we have 3 new reindeer who have joined us here at Cotley Farm. We have a new male, female and 6 month year old baby!

Did you know?

  • They originate from the north of Scandinavia where they live in herds and have been semi-domesticated for their meat and coats.
  • They are the only deer where female and male have antlers. The antlers are shed in the spring and then regrow over the summer. Their antlers are the fastest growing mammalian tissue.
  • They have thick winter coats which moult during June & July. It is made of long, hollow hairs, underlaid by short, dense, soft woolly fur.
  • Their broad, flat, cleft hooves help the reindeer walk on soft ground and snow. - As they walk a clicking noise is produced by a tendon slipping over a bone in the foot.
  • They have a soft hairy nose which keeps them warm when eating through snow
  • Our reindeer come inside at Christmas but live outside in our fields for the rest of the year. As they are historically a herd animal they all love being with their companions.
  • We feed them wheat straw and hay to eat which they enjoy picking through. They have a concentrate supplement to ensure they have all the minerals and vitamins they need, and we also have special lichen from Norway which they love.


Come along from the 29th November to visit our new additions!


This is our biggest seller. It has an excellent shape, with good needle retention. Soft, glossy deep green foliage. This is a very popular child and pet friendly variety and has good needle retention.

Nordman Fir

Nordman Fir


This is the traditional Christmas tree with an excellent shape, ideal for decoration with a lovely pine fragrance and short, sharp green needles. This variety has received a bad press because of needle loss but this is largely due to them being harvested too early. We cut them fresh and if well-watered and not put in a hot place they survive well from mid-December as a more economical option.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce


A very pleasant, sweet scented tree with deep, lustrous green needles. It has a beautiful layered appearance with upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. It is narrower than the Nordmann and therefore very suitable where space is more limited.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir


In addition to freshly cut trees, we have ‘window box’ size pot grown blue spruce (2-3ft) and 3-4ft pot grown Norway Spruce and Serbian Spruce trees. These trees have a good root structure and can be planted out in the garden after Christmas. They are priced between £15 and £30.

If you are seeking a large tree for outdoors or a very special location please ring 07967025172 to place an order. We can tailor our service to meet your particular needs.

Pot grown tree

Christmas Tree Prices

Type Nordmann Fraser Norway
3-4ft £25.00 £22.50 £15.00
4-5ft £35.00 £32.50 £20.00
5-6ft £42.50 £40.00 £25.00
6-7ft £50.00 £46.50 £30.00
7-8ft £57.50   £35.00
9ft £70.00   £45.00
10ft £100.00   £60.00
11ft £110.00   £70.00
12ft £120.00   £80.00
13ft £140.00   £90.00
14ft £170.00   £100.00
15ft £200.00   £120.00

It takes a large amount of time to grow a tree, doing something in the field every month of the year. The average 6ft tree takes six to ten years to grow before coming into your home. For every tree sold, at least one more is planted in its place so you can be sure that it’s a sustainable process.

We have a variety of tree stands to accommodate up to 10ft, in decorative and plain styles. These are high water capacity stands, very necessary to keep the trees as fresh as the day it was purchased. Find out more about how to look after your tree here.

A free netting service is also offered for all trees up to 10ft. We also supply wholesale.

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