Farm fresh, locally grown
Christmas trees
and real reindeer!

Opening times



1. What times are you open?

  • We are open from 10am-6pm every day from Friday 29th November until the 23rd December. On Christmas Eve, we close at midday 12 noon.

2. How big are the trees?

  • The trees range from 2ft grown in a pot, 4-5ft potted, and cut tree sizes from 4ft -20ft. Whatever size tree you want, we should be able to accommodate!

3. Will it easily fit in my car?

  • The trees are netted so up to 7ft trees should be able to fit in your car. Many people tie them to the roof rack too

4. Can I pay be credit/debit card? Cheques?

  • The shop takes credit and debit cards and cheques can be made out to ‘The Gateshayes Partnership’…. The online click and collect takes PayPal and Paypal does allow you to pay by credit card

5. How long will the tree last?

  • How long a tree lasts depends a lot on how you look after it! If you water it and don’t put in a very warm place our trees last very well over the festive period. We cut our first trees at the end of November and then each week to ensure our trees are as fresh as can be. A Nordman Fir or Fraser Fir will last from the beginning of December, the Norway Spruce is fine from mid-December.

6. Should I get a Christmas tree stand?

  • A Christmas tree stand is very important for your tree. Remember, trees are very thirsty! They may drink between 0.5 and 2 litres every day. Always use a water holding stand and check daily filling with fresh water as required.

7. Do I need to water my tree? How often?

  • Always use a water holding stand and check daily filling with fresh water as required.

8. Do you supply living trees?

  • We have 2-3ft potgrown blue spruce and potted 3-4ft trees.The latter have been dug and put in a pot so we cannot guarantee that they will survive if planted later . We do not do larger trees than this because they are very hard work to dig up and we have to cut back the roots a lot. If you wanted to come to dig a bigger tree yourself we can arrange that .

9. Can I put the tree anywhere I want in my home? Should I avoid certain areas?

  • Display as far away from a heat source as possible, not next to a radiator or a roaring open fire or wood burner. If you keep your tree watered it will cope better with being indoors.

10. Shall I be worried if my tree loses needles?

  • It's perfectly natural for a tree to lose a few needles. Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir are low drop varieties if you're worried about your tree losing too many needles. However, if your Christmas tree is looked after properly and not put up too early, needle dropping should be less.

11. What should I do with my tree after Christmas?

  • Your Christmas tree can be recycled if you take it to your local recycling centre. Some recycling centres have Christmas tree specific drop off areas, however this is dependent on your centre and where you live.

12. Are we able to bring our dog?

  • We do not allow dogs into our animal barns so if you would like a full experience we would recommend not bringing them.

If there are anymore unanswered questions please email [email protected] and we should be able to get back to you with the answer!

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