As farmers ourselves, we have felt a special connection with ‘Ripple Effect’ (Formerly Send a Cow), a charity working in east Africa to empower very poor farmers to help themselves out of poverty. We have supported them at Christmas for several years.


Lester & I had the opportunity to have the trip of a lifetime to Kenya in 2015. During that time, we had the great privilege of meeting some of the farmers that Ripple Effect are involved with in Western Kenya. We were absolutely blown away by the work the charity is doing as they have a model that works! They are involved with the poorest farmers and stories that we heard from them showed that they have been empowered to improve their lives. I could go on for pages describing what they do but suffice to say that this is a charity that works enabling people to help themselves improve their lives not through handouts but hard work and a sustainable future. Seeing hope in people’s eyes and their confidence in planning a future was a very humbling experience.

Find out more about the charity on their website here: