Our free range turkeys are reared on a farm in East Devon who have specialised in producing Christmas poultry for three generations.

Bronze turkeys are so called because of the bronze-like sheen to their plumage. Bronze  turkey meat is a shade darker than white  turkey meat and has a subtle ‘gamey’ taste, bursting with natural juices. The Bronze was a result of breeding domestic free range turkeys brought over to America from Europe (18th century), with wild turkeys, resulting in a larger, meatier bird.

White  turkeys have a more delicate taste and are the more traditional option in Europe for Christmas dinner. This variety of turkey is the most familiar to us and characteristically has a broader breast than the bronze turkey.

Please order by Monday 13th December.

If you wish to buy a turkey crown please email [email protected]

Collect from Cotley Farm, Whimple between 10.00am and 6.00pm on 23rd December or by midday 24th December.

Please select the type of turkey and weight you require. We are unable to give the exact price for your turkey until collection. This is because they are a natural product and we cannot guarantee the exact weight until they are prepared for Christmas. We will always endeavour to get the weight as close as possible to that which you choose. We therefore take a deposit of £20 now and the rest of the payment is made on collection.

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